Alone in My Memories

Second Best

Love in the Air


Pan Carlisle loves to fly; it's pilots she doesn't trust. Pilots are brash, brazen, foolhardy, and altogether troublesome. They fly off and don't return, leaving broken hearts behind. When Alex Milne, fresh from military service and a helicopter crash in Afghanistan, lands in the middle of the Carlisles' vintage aircraft museum, Pan wants no part of his flyboy demeanor.

Rock Solid


Goodbye, Magnolia

A Gateway to Hope

Seaside Heartbeats

A Little Slice of Heaven

Accidentally Married

Sparks Fly

Once in a Half Moon

A Light in the Dark

Calming the Storm

Seaside Surprises

Goodbyes and Second Chances


From bestselling author of Lulu's Cafe. 

My Fake Summer Boyfriend

Two Days of a Dream

Jane and Austen

Breaking All the Rules

Chocolate Muse

Chocolate Secrets

Chocolate Magic

Amelia's Heart

Chasing Charlie

Treasures of the Heart

Matters of the Heart


Until Jake Reynolds appears in her life, Christine has never questioned where she's going or what she's doing. She likes the small town atmosphere and her career as a head nurse. But now she's wondering what else might be out there - and if Jake isn't the one for her, maybe it's time for her to move on?


Lessons of the Heart

Life on the Edge

Waltzing on Wheels


Meredith Aaron lost all hope for love after a car accident put her in a wheelchair. Who would want her, broken as she is? After her brother tells her to save a dance for him at his wedding, she decides to somehow learn how to dance on the only legs she has left—her wheels.



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