Sweet Surrender


Eva Marie Lejeune becomes the reluctant heiress of a Louisiana sugar cane farm known as Winderlee. Upon his deathbed, her grandfather Lucien rewrites his will to disinherit his son, Eva's father, who disappeared twenty years earlier. It is Eva, raised by the harsh hand of her grandfather, who uncovers all the well kept secrets tied to the decline of the estate and her grandfather's surprising past —secrets known only to the parish priest, who has hidden all in an attempt to protect her. 

As the new owner of Winderlee, Eva struggles to rebuild a failing empire and rescue her disturbed mother from a harsh confinement. In the midst of the turbulence, in flies a Texas crop duster to further complicate her life. All of the old childhood emotions of distrust surge to the surface, when Eva is forced to trust a stranger who has a secret of his own.