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Hello Authors!


This website is more than just a promotional site for featuring clean romance books. It is an author co-op group. Each author featured on this website, and in our newsletter, agrees to help spread the word about the website. Each author adds a link to this site on their blog, and on their website. This helps us grow in readership and helps you sell more books. Promoting on Clean Romance Books is free, but you need to agree to help promote the site. I will be adding all authors to my mailing list, and will contact you from time to time about helping to promote the website. (I won't send a lot of emails, but by signing up you agree to remain on the mailing list.)


If you agree to this, you are welcome to submit your clean romance book(s).

Before submitting, please read the guidelines below:


1. Your book must not contain any sexual situations. This is not just sex, but implying erections, the touching of breasts, or any explicit wording regarding body parts or arousal. This rule is firm and if I find out a book featured on this site contains anything breaking this rule, the book will be taken down and the author banned.


2. Your book must not contain any strong language. No swear words. Definitely no F-bombs. The word Hell is allowed when used as a place and not a swear word. No naming body parts normally covered by a swim suit. If you have any questions as to what I consider strong language, if a child would say it in Sunday School and get in trouble, then it's not allowed.


3. Your book must not contain any gratuitous violence. Definitely no rape. A slap is fine. The violence that would not work would be something that would make your book R rated if it were a movie. Off camera violence is allowed, if it's not described.


4. Your book must be a romance novel. Romance novels have a specific structure. The romance must be the focus of the story. Sub-plots are fine, but if the romance is not the main plot of the book, we cannot feature it. Think Harlequin, but without the naughty bits. (Historical Romance, Romantic Suspense, YA Romance, or Romantic Comedy is fine, as long as the romance is stronger than the other elements.)


5. Your book must have a professional looking cover, and be well edited. This is subjective, I know, and I'm sorry. But as a graphic designer, I believe I have a decent idea of what looks professional. We are all going to be promoting these books. We all want to be able to stand behind each one. If you are rejected for the cover or editing, it's nothing personal. Feel free to update the cover or editing and apply again.


6. Your book must at least be novella length. (20,000-49,000 words.) At this time we are not taking short stories. Collections are okay if each book is at least 20,000 words.


If you have any questions, feel free to ask me here.


If your book meets these requirements, and you agree to help promote this website on Twitter, Facebook, and add a link to this website on your blog and website, you can submit your book here.


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