Amelia's Heart


Amelia Douglas lost the love of her life when her husband was killed in an auto accident. Her faith was buried along-side him in the grave. In order to escape the memories that haunt her, she fled to the nearby small town of Darrow and bought Lucy’s Café. Amelia is perfectly content to live out her days with her friends at the café, without men and without God. 

Eric Cardwell has spent his entire life in Darrow. His troubled childhood led him down a dangerous path and a Godless existence. A broken marriage turned him away from romantic entanglements. A broken spirit led him back to his faith and to his mission of helping at-risk youth. 

When Eric asks Amelia to cater the annual picnic for Darrow Lake Camp for troubled teens and families, he’s blindsided by his growing attachment to her. Amelia doesn’t want to feel anything for handsome, full-of-faith, Eric Cardwell, but the more time she spends with him the farther her heart falls. She doesn’t want to trust love or God. Can two hearts, closed to love, manage to open without tearing one another apart?